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STT director welcomed the youth leaders in Vilnius


On 7th of July Žimantas Pacevičius, the director of Special Investigation Service (STT), met with the “Transparency International” anti-corruption summer school members, who arrived to Vilnius even from 12 world countries to discuss the best anti-corruption and transparency practice.   

STT director presented the activity, challenges of the Service as well as issues, which are faced by this institution, participated in discussion. Students, young specialists and journalists from Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries were interested in the particularity of STT prosecution, activity of people, informing about corruption cases, anti-corruption education in schools. 

“It was a pleasure to share my experience with such special audience. Motivation and persistence of young people is really necessary for our region. These persons do believe in changes and are those, who do create them. I wish to the Lithuanian department of “Transparency International” to continue this initiative”- stated STT director after the event.

During 5-9th of July “Transparency International” summer school stimulates the youth to show interest in anti-corruption topics, provide specific practical knowledge, how to create a transparent and accountable society actively.

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