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STT representative attended the discussion on the relations of contraband and corruption in Lithuania


On 6th of May the officer of STT Corruption Prevention Board Ryšardas Burda attended the discussion, organized by Lithuanian Department of “Transparency International”, named “The relations of contraband and corruption in Lithuania”. The event took place after the view of movie “The Elite Squad” of the fourth festival, dedication for corruption problem.

A vast audience in “Pasaka” cinema video hall took part in active discussion not only with STT officer Ryšardas  Burda, but also with Aurelijus Veryga,  the president of National Lithuanian National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition, Gintaras Kalinauskas, the adviser to Prime Minister and the head of Government Anticorruption Working Group, Juozas Rimkevičius, deputy director general of Customs Department and TILS representatives.

During the event that lasted half an hour specialists of fighting against contraband and corruption pointed out the main problems of our country in this area and made recommendations for improvement of situation. Experts willingly shared their insights and experiences with the audience, and answered to their questions.

The participants of discussion were interested in issues, related with the ability of civil servants and politicians to resist corruption, improving the legal base for the enhancement of pre-trial investigation in corruption and contraband cases. The audience discussed the possibilities of reducing the causes of political corruption, public anti-corruption education.

The festival of movies “Drąsus žodis”, organized by TILS, took place during 3–7 of May. Actions movies about corruption of well-known directors and evaluated by critics were shown:  “Michael Clayton” (director Tony Gilroy), “The Departed” (director Martin Scorsese), “The Aviator” (director Martin Scorsese), “The Elite Squad” (director José Padilha),  “The Informant” (director Steven Soderbergh).

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