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Corruption risk analysis performed in the State Medicines Control Agency


Officers of Special Investigation Service (STT) performed a corruption risk analysis in the State Medicines Control Agency under the Ministry of Health.

It has been determined that the State Medicines Control Agency had paid insufficient attention on corruption prevention measures, being implemented during 2008–2010, defects of implementation of corruption prevention program have been found.

After analysis of legislation, regulating the procedures of registration and re-registration of medicines, as well as the procedure of parallel import of medicines and the control procedures, implemented by State Medicines Control Agency, it was noticed that a sketchy regulation of certain provisions of legislation may cause conditions for corruption and abuse. 

A few cases, when State Medicines Control Agency had not implemented the procedures, determined in internal legislation, have been stated in corruption risk analysis.

STT recommends the Ministry of Health and State Medicines Control Agency to analyze the noticed defects and take the specific measures: to regulate the procedures transparently, to improve staff control mechanism, to ensure the proper execution of functions, ascribed to State Medicines Control Agency, seeking to reduce the presumptions for corruption.

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