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STT presented the conclusion on observation of National Anticorruption Program


After performing the observation of National Anticorruption Program, confirmed by the Government and being implemented by 157 state and municipality institutions during 2009–2010, in August Special Investigation Service (STT) determined that 74 percent of measures are implemented completely or partially during a year and a half.

According to the data presented in observation conclusion, it succeeded to implement 63 percent of corruption prevention measures, almost 100 percent of measures for improvement of investigations of corruption-like infringements of law, and 85 percent of measures for public anticorruption education.

In May of this year a new Law on Funding of Political Parties and Political Campaigns and Funding Control was adopted, a system of “single window” was adopted in many municipalities, the transparency of public procurement was increased- the public can access information about the concluded procurement contracts.

During the program implementation certain requirements for civil servants and clear and transparent procedure of lawsuits’ allocation for judges were determined, projects of legislation, determining the seizure of expanded assets, were prepared, other tasks were implemented.

According to the officer of STT Corruption Prevention Board Ryšardas Burda, important law projects-  Lobby Activities and Impact on Legislation, The Basics of Legislation- are also prepared and awaits for approval in Seimas. Their approval is related with legislation preparation methodologies, which would ensure the transparency of legislation preparation as well as public participation in legislation process more effectively.

According to the officer, a problem remains in the ongoing improvement of administrative and public service provision and administration procedures (simplification), legislation changes on selection, carrier, training and assessment of official activity of civil servants, system improvement, have been prepared, but have not yet adopted. Some issues, regarding the implementation of program measures in healthcare field, have remained unresolved. 

At the moment it is expected when Seimas will adopt the legislation, prepared in 2009, impose the liability for corruption-related violations of law, regulating their disclosure and investigation, e.g., legislation, determining the extended seizure of assets for corruption offences, and obligating the suspected persons to justify the acquisition of assets and income legitimacy.

On 16th of August the conclusion of Program observation was presented to Interdepartmental Committee for coordination of fighting against corruption, Office of the President, Seimas Anticorruption Committee, and Office of the Prime Minister.

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