STT seeks to expand the number of compulsory inspected persons

On 15th of April the Minister of Transport and Communications Eligijus Masiulis publicly addressed the special services, inviting them to solve the issue of awareness about the reputation of people, admitted to high positions of civil service, together.

Special Investigation Service, seeking to ensure effective corruption prevention and considering the insufficient completeness of legal regulation of information provision about information, seeking or already functioning in state or municipality institution, prepared and on 23rd of June, 2009 presented the 9ยน project of amendment and appendage of Articles 2, 7, 9, 15 of Law on Corruption Prevention to the Committee on National Security and Defence of Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. On 12th of April STT informed the Minister of Transport and Communications about this project.

The project proposes to extend the concept of state or municipal institution and determine that the measures of corruption prevention, stated in the Law on Corruption Prevention (including the presentation of information about a person), would be applied to the companies, established from state or municipality assets, or transferred to the state or municipality, following the procedure, determined by the laws, which manage, use and dispose the transferred and acquired assets by the trust law.

Since the consideration of the mentioned law project has protracted, STT prepared a new project of amendment and appendage of Article 9 of Law on Corruption Prevention, where the information, on the basis of which the reputation of a person may be assessed, the list of persons, the information about whom is obligatory to be requested from STT, is defined specifically. The amendment project of Law on Corruption Prevention is being adjusted with the interested institutions at the moment.