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 The Lithuanian Map of Corruption 2016

In September-October 2016 a public opinion and market research center “Vilmorus“ conducted a study "The Lithuanian Map of Corruption 2016“, initiated by the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania.

 Co-operation Agreement Signed with National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

On 13 December, Director of the Special Investigation Service (STT), Saulius Urbanavičius, and Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), Artem Sytnyk, signed a co-operation agreement. The aim of the agreement is closer co-operation of the two anti-corruption bodies in the area of corruption prevention and investigation.

 Public Campaign “Envelope for Holiday Wishes not Bribes”

On 9 December, the International Anti-Corruption, Lithuanian law enforcement authorities and the youth organization Lijot will jointly conduct an awareness raising campaign to promote zero tolerance towards corruption.

 Differently about Corruption: Cartoon Books for Schoolchildren

With the International Anti-Corruption Day (9 December) approaching, Lithuanian schools are to receive cartoon books commissioned by the Special Investigation Service (STT) about corruption and its consequences. The cartoon books created for the youth aged 16–18 mocks people involved in different bribery situations.

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