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 European Union extended programme of support to Anti-Corruption Department of Azerbaijani Prosecutor General
2011-05-02 12:44

The European Union has extended for five months its program of support to the Azerbaijani top prosecutor’s anti-corruption department, citing progress made since the program was launched in 2009.

 STT officials have shared their experience with colleagues from Poland
2011-04-06 14:05

On April 6, the Polish police delegation visited the Special Investigation Service (STT) and noted STT activities, practical experience of officials investigating corruption offences.

 Moldavians are to be presented with Lithuanian anti-corruption experience
2011-04-04 13:55

The Heads of the Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption of the Republic of Moldova (Moldavia) are to visit Lithuanian on April 4-5th. The purpose of this visit is to get acquainted with the Lithuanian anti-corruption sector and activities of the Special Investigation Service (STT).

 STT director to participate in the anti-corruption seminar in Vilnius
2011-03-23 13:41

Žimantas Pacevičius, Director of the Special Investigation Service (STT), and other STT officials will take part in seminar on “Anti-Corruption Policy and Integrity Training” to be held in Vilnius on March 23.

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