Corruption Investigation

STT officials, acting in accordance with the Republic of Lithuania Law on Operational Activities, carry out operational activities, detect and disclose corruption-related offences (corruption, bribery, abuse of office, etc.) in strict compliance with the provisions of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Lithuania and they carry out pre-trial investigations of the criminal practices referred to above.

Numerous pre-trial investigations of corruption-related offences are initiated after examination of reports about corruption from members of the population. Citizens take the initiative to become involved in anti-corruption efforts, and STT has created all the necessary conditions for that purpose. STT accepts reports (including anonymous) about the facts of corruption in different ways: directly (at STT headquarters in Vilnius or a field office), by e-mail, fax or telephone, on a twenty-four hour basis.

However, the results of law enforcement may turn out to be short-term. It would be erroneous to think that after detecting a case of corruption in one institution and punishing those guilty opportunities for corruption are completely removed from that institution; thus, active prevention efforts are very important.